Purified Inward

purified inward
“Qalb” (inward) literally translated means heart. However, Sultan Bahoo says: The definition of “inward” has three components; closeness to Allah, meeting with Allah, and becoming immortal with Allah. One who possesses these attributes has a sanctified and an enlightened inward. (Qurb-e-Deedar) Likewise, the word “Purified” has four components; secure, eternal, perfect belief, death before dying. ... Read more

Patience and Gratitude – Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness

patience and gratitude

Patience and Gratitude- Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness Patience Patience means working with endurance. There are three letters of the word Sabr  “صبر” ص، ب، ر ’ص‘ سے  صالح، ’ب‘ سے برداشت اور ’ر‘ سے رضائے الٰہی۔   Therefore, patience means doing good deeds while enduring every hardship for the sake of Divine pleasure. Patience … Read more

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