Divine Invocation | Remembrance of Allah

Divine Invocation

Zikr is an Arabic word that literally means to invocate, remember, and speak and to recall or repeat something over and again. In short, to remember something with the heart or tongue. Above all, the term invocation refers to the remembrance of the true Beloved Allah, His praise and glory.  Al-Raghib al-Isfahani explained the following … Read more

Quranic Style

  تیرےقلب  پر جب تک نہ ہو نزولِ کتاب گرہ کشا ہے  نہ رازی  نہ صاحبِ کشاف     According to Allama Iqbal, the secret bearers (Mystics) cannot reveal secrets upon seeker if his heart does not have an effect of Quran and does not have the spiritual state in which his soul and inward … Read more

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