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Introduction to Sultan ul Faqr Blog

This blog is basically a masterpiece of Divine knowledge or spiritual knowledge. In essence, this blog contains all types of topics, from scientific to Islamic to Spiritual issues. We write about all these issues in Sultan ul Faqr blog according to Sultan Bahoo’s viewpoints about Mysticism, Faqr and Sufism. So we can also call this blog as Sultan Bahoo blog.

Who is Sultan Bahoo?

Sultan Bahoo is the Sultan ul Faqr fifth and the most eminent Saint of the Sarwari Qadri order. In fact he founded the Sarwari Qadri order and organized it.

Founder of Sarwari Qadri order

The Sarwari Qadri order consists of two words i.e. Sarwari and Qadri. Sarwari basically means related to the Holy Prophet and Qadri means related to the Sultan ul Faqr third al-Ghawth al-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. This means that Sarwari Qadri order is in fact related to the Holy Prophet and Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Sultan ul Faqr blog or Sultan Bahoo blog reflect entire teachings of the Saints of Sarwari Qadri order.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman

In order to spread Faqr, we write Sultan ul Faqr blog under the supervision of Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman. Sultan ul Ashiqeen is a Saint of Sarwari Qadri order the 31st Shaikh of Sarwari Qadri order and the perfect spiritual guide of this era. In short, he is the universal Divine man (Insan-e-Kamil). He is also the founder of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr.

Topics included in Sultan Bahoo blog


Sultan Bahoo blog inculcate the knowledge of Faqr in the reader.  The blog contain ocean of Divine knowledge. By reading them the Sufi teachings pour down in the hearts of the reader. By the condition that he is the seeker of Allah.

Spiritual diseases:

Sultan ul Faqr blog are a rather a treatment for spiritual diseases. By reading them the reader understands what are they, their types and how to treat them. For example the spiritual diseases like jealousy, envy, covetousness, lust, restlessness etc.

Latest Islamic events:

We also write Sultan Bahoo blog in according to the latest Islamic events happening. These events include eids, birth and death anniversaries of the Saints, their personalities, marvels and grandeur. Along with them the histories of the ghazwas, Ramadan, angels, personalities and life histories of People of cloak are also included in this amazing blog. Furthermore, Sultan Bahoo blog five pillars of Islam Profession of faith, Salat, Zakat, Saum and Hajj also included in Sultan Bahoo blog.

Events and news related to Tehreek Dawat e Faqr and Sultan ul Ashiqeen:

In addition to Islamic events Sultan ul Faqr blog contains the latest events and news related to Tehreek Dawat e Faqr for instance, the Day of transference of Faqr (the day when Sultan ul Faqr Sixth transferred the trust of Faqr to Sultan ul Ashiqeen). In addition to these the Sultan Bahoo blog also contains the birth anniversary of Sultan ul Ashiqeen (Sultan ul Ashiqeen Day). Personality of Sultan ul Ashiqeen, his marvels, grandeur, status, titles, struggle to spread Faqr and other marvelous and informative topics include in these blog.

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Divine Invocation | Remembrance of Allah

Zikr is an Arabic word that literally means to invocate, remember, and speak and to recall or repeat something over and again. In short, to remember something with the heart or tongue. Above all, the term invocation refers to the remembrance of the true Beloved Allah, His praise and glory.  Al-Raghib al-Isfahani explained the following … Read more

Quranic Style

  تیرےقلب  پر جب تک نہ ہو نزولِ کتاب گرہ کشا ہے  نہ رازی  نہ صاحبِ کشاف     According to Allama Iqbal, the secret bearers (Mystics) cannot reveal secrets upon seeker if his heart does not have an effect of Quran and does not have the spiritual state in which his soul and inward … Read more

Are We Born Pious or Can a Sinner Become Pious?

Can only those who perform enormous prayers are considered pious? What if a sinner is remorseful but continues his wrongdoing because it has become part of his nature and he cannot help it, can he ever become pious? Well, a simple answer is yes! Continue to read the article to find out how is it … Read more

Spiritual Substitution | Ranks Granted By Perfect Spiritual Guide

People often believe nature or inward of a person never changes.  Man dies with the same nature he was born with. His nature can temporarily change under different circumstances but his actual nature remains unaffected. Likewise, man holds similar qualities as the people he was upraised in and these do not change. It means one … Read more

Backbiting Eats Virtuous Deeds 

Backbiting eats virtuous deeds  Abu Hurairah relates that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, “Do you know what is backbiting?” The Companions replied, “Allah and His Prophet know better.” The Holy Prophet said, “To talk about your brother (Muslim) in such a way which he dislikes.” Companions asked, “What if he possesses that evil which is talked … Read more

Purified Inward

“Qalb” (inward) literally translated means heart. However, Sultan Bahoo says: The definition of “inward” has three components; closeness to Allah, meeting with Allah, and becoming immortal with Allah. One who possesses these attributes has a sanctified and an enlightened inward. (Qurb-e-Deedar) Likewise, the word “Purified” has four components; secure, eternal, perfect belief, death before dying. ... Read more

Greed and Poverty

Greed and Poverty A lion was sitting in his den after being injured by a crazy elephant. He was injured so much that he could not hunt prey. Some days passed by. When he was hungry he called the fox and said “Bring some donkey or cow here with greed and your cunningness so I … Read more

Patience and Gratitude – Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness

Patience and Gratitude- Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness Patience Patience means working with endurance. There are three letters of the word Sabr  “صبر” ص، ب، ر ’ص‘ سے  صالح، ’ب‘ سے برداشت اور ’ر‘ سے رضائے الٰہی۔   Therefore, patience means doing good deeds while enduring every hardship for the sake of Divine pleasure. Patience … Read more

The Enlightenment of Qalb

The Enlightenment of Qalb Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: “Indeed, there is a piece of flesh in human body. When it is rightly guided the entire body is guided. If it deteriorates, the whole body deteriorates. Remember! That is Qalb (heart). ” In human body, Qalb is a muscular organ that supplies blood throughout the body. ... Read more

Divine love – The Purest of all Emotions

Divine love - The Purest of all Emotions Divine love is the purpose of creation. The Urdu word for love is‘ (محبت)which is derived from word‘ ’حبُ‘. The meaning of which is a clay pit that is used to store a large amount of water. For which the water acts as a barrier preventing the ... Read more

Sacrifice – Way for Attaining Closeness of Allah

“Sacrifice” is derived from the Arabic word “qurb” which literally means closeness. In literal sense sacrifice is an act in which a person renounces all his dear things and relationships in order to attain nearness to Allah Almighty and to show in practice and inwardly that he has no relationship or a thing beloved than … Read more

The Universal Divine Man – Medium to Recognising Allah

The Universal Divine Man – Medium to Recognising Allah Success in life is only possible through the benevolence of the Universal Divine Man. He cleanses people’s inwards from all kinds of evil attributes and fills them with Divine light. There is always a Universal Divine Man present in every era. He is the spiritual vicegerent ... Read more

Recitals of Seclusion

Recitals of Seclusion The month of Ramadan brings along lots of blessings and benedictions. The first 10 days period is all about blessings while the second one is of forgiveness. The last 10 days save us from the scorching fire of hell. As soon as this holy month arrives, people get more spiritual and more ... Read more

Companionship of the travelers of Mystic path | Divine path

Companionship of the travelers of Mystic path Companionship has a profound effect on a person's moral, social, individual and collective life. It is companionship that makes a person worthy or non-worthy. Abu Musa narrated that the Holy Prophet said: The example of a good companion (who sits with you) in comparison to a bad one, ... Read more

Virtues of Ramadan – Ramazan Mubarak

VIRTUES OF RAMADAN   The Holy month of Ramadan is full of blessings. During this month, Muslims spend more of their time in worshipping Allah. Man was created for worship only. As Allah says in Quran: وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَ الْاِنْسَ اِلاَّ لِیَعْبُدُوْن Meaning: “And I created the jinn and human beings solely to adopt My ... Read more

Spiritual confidant – One having all the attributes to reach the Divine Trust

Spiritual Confidant One having all the attributes to reach the Divine Trust Spiritual Confidant, in terms of Faqr is the one who is bestowed with the Divine Trust and this rank is given to that person who succeeds in the hardships of the inward, thus becomes the beloved of the spiritual guide. Whether its day ... Read more

Spiritual Demotion | Inclination Towards Worldly Lusts

Spiritual Demotion Spiritual Demotion in the path of Faqr and Sufism means to retreat from the perfect spiritual guide and towards worldliness. Allah says: O believers! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and those who are Ulil Amr (اولی الامر) amongst you. (4:59) Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen says: Saints derive Ulil Amr ... Read more

Concentration in Sufism | The Key to Secrets of the Inward and Outward

Concentration in Sufism Concentration and prudence are Arabic words whose linguistic meanings are to think and reflect.  Actually, reflection is that cognitive power and light in man that can grant observation of the esoteric aspect of anything physical and the hidden of anything visible. This process is concentration in Sufism. The Arabic word for concentration ... Read more

The Manners of Companionship for Disciples in Sufism

The Manners of Companionship for Disciples in Sufism It is well known that a man is known by the company he keeps. Companionship is the strongest and most powerful thing that affects human nature. Sometimes it is so powerful that it changes nature. The person adopts the companionship according to his desire. This companionship further ... Read more

Glory of the Mystics | Auliya Allah | Sufis

Glory of the Mystics The mystics call Islam the nature of faith. It is the name of following mysticism to gain the Vision of Allah.  It is finding out Allah’s secret. Knowing the Truth of oneself and finding yourself walking the right path is called Islam.  Devouring Allah’s Vision, unconditionally loving the Prophet pbuh, respecting ... Read more

Prophet Mohammad – Custodian of Allah’s Treasures

Prophet Mohammad Custodian of Allah’s Treasures Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) holds the exalted status of beloved of Creator of both the worlds. Without him, faith is imperfect. Allah created all the realms and their creations just for him. He says in the following Qudsi Hadith: لولاک لما اظہرت الربوبیۃ Meaning: If it was ... Read more

Greater Jihad | Inward Jihad against Innerself

Greater Jihad Inward Jihad against Innerself The word Jihad جہاد comes from Arabic word ‘Juhd’ جہد which means to struggle or to strive to achieve something. In Islamic terms, Jihad is to sacrifice everything one has in the path of Allah. In today’s age, Jihad has been linked with fighting or battle and it is ... Read more

Sultan ul Ashiqeen- A Perfect Fakir in Light of Teachings of Sultan Bahoo

Sultan ul Ashiqeen A Perfect Fakir Sultan ul Ashiqeen - A perfect Murshid and Fakir of Sarwari Qadri order In the present era, Sultan ul Ashiqeen is the perfect Fakir of the Sarwari Qadri order. Undoubtedly, company of Fakir cleanses the esoteric self of a person, ultimately leading to the gnosis of Allah. One can ... Read more

Respect For Murshid Is The First Rule Of Divine Love

Respect For Murshid Is The First Rule Of Divine Love The Murshid (perfect spiritual guide) of the present era and the 31st Shaikh of Sultan Bahoo’s Sarwari Qadri order Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman says: The world’s most arduous task is to make human a human which is in fact a task of a Murshid assigned ... Read more

Virtues of Gabriel (Jibrael) – The Greatest Archangel of Allah

Virtues of Gabriel (Jibrael) - The Greatest Archangel of Allah INTRODUCTION This article is about the virtues of Angel Gabriel, the greatest archangel of Allah. Allah has sent the human race on the earth as the noblest of all creatures. However, humans received guidance through Prophets and heavenly books and revelations to be educated about ... Read more

Shab e Barat | Night of Forgiveness | 15 Shaban | Faqr

Shab-e-Barat Night of Forgiveness This article is about the Shab-e-Barat the night of forgiveness. What is Shab-e-Barat Shab-e-Barat is the night between the 14th and 15th of the Islamic month of Sha’ban. Shab-e-Barat is also known as Barat Night, Bara’a Night or the night of forgiveness. During Shab-e-Barat, Allah Almighty accepts the repentance of His ... Read more

Faqr | A Gift of Miraj | Miraj e Mustafa | Sultan Bahoo

Faqr The Gift of Miraj The incident of Miraj is the evidence of the unmatched grandeur, glory and excellence of Prophet Mohammad. History witnesses that whenever an extraordinary incident happens, it has some hidden wisdom. Everyone understands it according to his intellect. This understanding depends upon the closeness between Allah and that person. If Allah ... Read more

Sultan ul Faqr | The Blessing of Faqr By Prophet Mohammad | Sultan Bahoo

The Blessing of Faqr By Prophet Mohammad Allah and His Beloved Allah initiated the system of sending Prophets for the guidance of humanity. He blessed each Prophet with a special attribute from His own attributes. However, before sending His beloved Mohammad to this realm, Allah blessed him with all the Divine attributes and qualities. Allah ... Read more

Faqr – Essence of Islam | Sultan Bahoo Books and Teachings

Faqr Essence of Islam لفظ اسلام سے اگر  یورپ کو کد ہے تو خیر دوسرا نام اسی دین کا ہے فقرِ غیور Meaning: It does not matter if Europe resents the word ‘Islam’. Indeed another name for the same religion is ‘Faqr’, the most honoured. Allama Iqbal elucidated in the above verses that if Europe ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | The Courage and Bravery of Zaynab bint Ali | Zainab

The Courage and Bravery of Zaynab bint Ali Zaynab bint Ali razi Allah anha was born in Madina in the 5th year of Hijrah on 5th Jumada al-awwal. She was the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatimah bint Mohammad and the maternal granddaughter of the Holy Prophet sall’ Allahu alayhi wa’alihi wasallam. Zaynab ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | Evolution of Faqr (Sufism) | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Evolution of Faqr (Sufism) Faqr (Sufism) is a broad term. As it is the journey which starts from the ‘Alif’ (الف) of Ism-e-Allah Zaat to the ‘hay’(ہ). Rather, the journey begins from ‘hay’ and continues to infinity. Faqr is an exalted stage of inward which is incomparable to any other stage or rank. Since Faqr ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | Virtues of Hajj | Sultan ul Ashiqeen | Tehreek Dawat e Faqr

Virtues of Hajj Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. All religious obligations are important but in the Mohammadan Sharia, Hajj is magnificent and superior. This is because it is the sign of oneness and universality among Muslim umma. Also it is the reason of unity and  equality among them. Salat , recitation of Holy ... Read more

Theophany | Sultan ul Ashiqeen Teachings

Theophany What is theophany? Infact theophany is the manifestation of attributes and Essence of Allah. Moreover, it is manifestation of Divine beauty and majesty. Thence, the whole universe is the manifestation of it as Allah says; اَللّٰہُ  نُوْرُ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالْاَرْضِ( سورۃالنور) Meaning: Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. (24:35) Infact, Prophet Mohammad ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | Search for Allah | Sultan ul Ashiqeen Teachings

Search for Allah Allah says in the Quran: وَالَّذِيۡنَ جَاهَدُوۡا فِيۡنَا لَنَهۡدِيَنَّهُمۡ سُبُلَنَا ​​ؕ (العنکبوت ۔69) Meaning: And those who strive hard (and struggle against the innerself self vehemently) for Our cause, We certainly guide them to Our ways. (Al-Ankabut 69) ذَالِکَ فَضْلُ اللّٰہِ یُؤْتِیْہِ مَنْ یَّشَآءُطوَاللّٰہُ ذُوالْفَضْلِ الْعَظِیْم۔ (الحدید۔21) Meaning: This is Allah’s bounty ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | Faqr and Stages of Certainty | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Faqr and Stages of Certainty Certainty in Quran Allah Almighty says in Quran: وَ اعۡبُدۡ رَبَّکَ حَتّٰی یَاۡتِیَکَ الۡیَقِیۡنُ ﴿٪۹۹﴾ Meaning: And worship your Lord till you attain to the station of certainty of faith. (Al-Hijr 99) What is Certainty? Firstly, dictionary defines it as confidence, assurance, certitude and truth. Sayyid Mohammad Zauqi Shah states: ... Read more

Mawlid Regarding Transference of Divine Trust | Faqr | 21st March 2019

Mawlid Regarding Transference of Divine Trust ( Faqr ) 21st March 2019 Report: Waqar Ahmad Sarwari Qadri, Senior Editor Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr Lahore. Every year, Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr enthusiastically celebrates a grand Mawlid on 21st March as the day of transference of Divine Trust. To make the readers understand the importance of the day, it is essential ... Read more

Marvels of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Marvels of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) Definition Marvels mean unique attributes and qualities or those matters and actions which are unique to an entity. In other words, one cannot find these distinct characteristics in any other individual. The Creator of the universe sent His messengers and spiritually elevated people like Saints and Murshids into this world. ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | The Holy Quran – A Source of Divine Guidance

The Holy Quran A Source of Divine Guidance Allah Almighty Has Promised to Safeguard the Holy Quran Allah says in Quran: وَنُنَزِّلُ مِنَ الْقُرْآنِ مَا هُوَ شِفَاءٌ وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ ۙ وَلَا يَزِيدُ الظَّالِمِينَ إِلَّا خَسَارًا Meaning: And We are sending down in the Quran what is healing and mercy for the believers. And it only ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo | Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen – The Center of Faqr

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen - The Center of Faqr قوموں کے لیے موت ہے مرکز سے جدائی ہو صاحبِ مرکز تو خودی کیا ہے، خدائی Explanation: Any nation who cuts cords from its center or origin ultimately ends in devastation.  However, if a nation is fortunate enough to have center of their strength (i.e. the Universal Divine Man ... Read more

Sultan ul Ashiqeen is The Perfect Reflection of Sultan Bahoo

Sultan ul Ashiqeen is The Perfect Reflection of Sultan Bahoo Introduction To write about the personality of Sultan Bahoo in a short article, furthermore to relate him with the present leader (imam) of his spiritual chain is a very tough undertaking. Yet the pen dared. Certainly, Sultan Bahoo titled his teachings Faqr and not spirituality ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo Teachings | Divine Love | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Divine Love All praises are for Allah alone who is the Lord of all realms, the Creator of all creations and the Sustainer. He is eternal and immortal. There is nothing in both the worlds except the Divine Essence nor is there anyone else worthy of worship. Thousands of praises and salutations upon the leader ... Read more

Sultan Bahoo Teachings | The Importance of Silence | Faqr

The Importance of Silence Allah says in the Quran:  قَدْ اَفْلَحَ الْمُؤْمِنُوْنَ۔ الَّذِیْنَ ہُمْ فِیْ صَلَاتِھِمْ خَاشِعُوْنَ۔ وَالَّذِیْنَ ہُمْ عَنِ اللَّغْوِمُعْرِضُوْنَ۔ (سورۃ المومنون۔1-3) Meaning: Certainly, the believers have attained success, those who become most humble and submissive in their prayers, and who always keep away from absurd talk. (Al-Mu’minun:1-3)   Importance of silence in hadiths The ... Read more

Sarwari Qadri Order | Sultan Bahoo | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Sarwari Qadri Order Sarwari Qadri order reaches from the Holy Prophet Mohammad Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam to the muslim nation (ummah) through Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Razi Allahu Ta ala Anhu. “Sarwari”, meaning leader, associates to the Holy Prophet Mohammad Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam and “Qadri” to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Razi Allahu Ta ala Anhu. In … Read more

Bayat (Oath of Allegiance)

Returning to Almighty Allah is the core objective of all exoteric and esoteric deeds and prayers. For the accomplishment of this objective and for the guidance of His mankind, Allah established two sources; The Quran and Sunnah. Who so ever leaves, denies or follows any one of these half way or on his own choice

Sultan Bahoo | Join Tehreek Dawat e Faqr | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

To spread the teachings of Faqr (Alfaqr) and invite Muslims towards purity of soul, in order to strengthen their relation with Allah so as to improve their lives in both the worlds, Sultan ul Ashiqeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has founded Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr. This Tehreek is propagating the message of Faqr through written literature (books, pamphlets, monthly magazine “Mahnama-Sultan-ul-Faqr”), … Read more

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