Greed and Poverty

Greed and Poverty A lion was sitting in his den after being injured by a crazy elephant. He was injured so much that he could not hunt prey. Some days passed by. When he was hungry he called the fox and said “Bring some donkey or cow here with greed and your cunningness so I … Read more

Patience and Gratitude – Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness

patience and gratitude

Patience and Gratitude- Requisite for Attaining Divine Closeness Patience Patience means working with endurance. There are three letters of the word Sabr  “صبر” ص، ب، ر ’ص‘ سے  صالح، ’ب‘ سے برداشت اور ’ر‘ سے رضائے الٰہی۔   Therefore, patience means doing good deeds while enduring every hardship for the sake of Divine pleasure. Patience … Read more

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