Concentration in Sufism | The Key to Secrets of the Inward and Outward

Concentration in Sufism
Concentration in Sufism Concentration and prudence are Arabic words whose linguistic meanings are to think and reflect.  Actually, reflection is that cognitive power and light in man that can grant observation of the esoteric aspect of anything physical and the hidden of anything visible. This process is concentration in Sufism. The Arabic word for concentration ... Read more

Glory of the Mystics | Auliya Allah | Sufis

Glory of the Mystics The mystics call Islam the nature of faith. It is the name of following mysticism to gain the Vision of Allah.  It is finding out Allah’s secret. Knowing the Truth of oneself and finding yourself walking the right path is called Islam.  Devouring Allah’s Vision, unconditionally loving the Prophet pbuh, respecting ... Read more