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Blessing of Faqr by Prophet Mohammad
The Blessing of Faqr By Prophet Mohammad Allah and His Beloved Allah initiated the system of sending Prophets for the guidance of humanity. He blessed each Prophet with a special attribute from His own attributes. However, before sending His beloved Mohammad to this realm, Allah blessed him with all the Divine attributes and qualities. Allah ... Read more

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Faqr, Essence of Islam, Sultan
Faqr Essence of Islam لفظ اسلام سے اگر  یورپ کو کد ہے تو خیر دوسرا نام اسی دین کا ہے فقرِ غیور Meaning: It does not matter if Europe resents the word ‘Islam’. Indeed another name for the same religion is ‘Faqr’, the most honoured. Allama Iqbal elucidated in the above verses that if Europe ... Read more